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Гора Касл

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Северная Америка

Скалистые горы

Canadian Rockies

Сложность восхождения:
4. Техническое восхождение

Провинция Канады:

Гора Касл, по-английски Castle Mountain - это небольшая вершина, расположенная в северных средних широтах западного полушария, в точке с координатами 51.3055° северной широты, 115.939° западной долготы. С географической точки зрения у вершины следующее расположение: Северная Америка, Скалистые горы, Canadian Rockies. Административно вершина расположена следующим образом: Канада, провинция Альберта.

Высота вершины составляет две тысячи семьсот шестьдесят шесть метров, или девять тысяч семьдесят четыре фута. Вершина не была покорена до одна тысяча восемьсот восемьдесят четвертого года. Восхождение лучше всего планировать на следующие месяцы: Summer. Покорение вершины Гора Касл невозможно без серьезного подхода и обстоятельной подготовки. Для преодоления технически сложных участков требуется специальное снаряжение и подготовка в то время как вопросы погоды и логистики по прежнему остаются очень важными. Возможно потребуется организация промежуточных лагерей, но на некоторых частях маршрута уже возможна работа в альпийском стиле и с менее длительной акклиматизацией.
Фотографии вершины и окрестностей - Гора Касл:

Гора Касл Гора Касл Гора Касл Гора Касл Гора Касл
Карта вершины и окрестностей - Гора Касл:

Высота в метрах: 2766
Высота в футах: 9074
Английское название: Castle Mountain
Благоприятный сезон для восхождений: Summer
Дата первого восхождения: 1884
Written by Dow WilliamsFirst ascended in 1884 by Arthur Coleman, Castle Mountain is noteworthy because it is the easternmost mountain of the Main Ranges in the Bow Valley of the Canadian Rockies. It is a "castellate" type of mountain in which the flat-lying layers feature near vertical cliffs alternating with flat or gently sloped terraces which have been sculptured by glacial and other forms of erosion. It sits east of the Trans-Canada Highway between Banff and Lake Louise. Castle is one of the most photographed in the valley and a favorite of local artists. It is also frequently climbed via the easiest of four rock alpine routes, the Eisenhower Tower. It can be skied in the winter or scrambled in the summer as well (over "easy" that is) via the beautiful Rockbound Lake approach. There is a hut on Castle Mountain I have never been too. It is called the Castle Mountain Bivouac Hut. It sleeps 4-6 and is located on the Goat Plateau below the third buttress from the Southwest end. You can make reservations and/or get more information from the Alpine Club of Canada. I added their link in the link section.Getting ThereDrive to Castle Junction 31 km (19 miles for any tourist from Sacramento) west of Banff via either the Trans-Canada Highway or Bow Valley Parkway (more Elk to be spotted along the Parkway). From Trans-Canada, take the Castle Junction exit and proceed east under a bridge (huge nest on the bridge houses an Osprey who has raised young every year I have lived here) and turn right at the stop sign and pull into the Rockbound Lake trailhead on your left. From Bow Valley Parkway, Rockbound Lake trail head will be on your right before the Castle Junction gas station. Go to the route section for the variable approaches.Red TapeCastle is located in Banff National Park. No climbing permits or parking passes required except for the Banff Park pass itself. This is bear territory as is most of the Canadian Rockies parks. I spotted a Fisher (of the weasel family) here which is quite uncommon. There are several Hoary Marmots as well (very common).When To ClimbCastle Mountain is listed in the three bibles of the Canadian Rocky outdoor enthusiast: "Scrambles in the Canadian Rockies", "Selected Alpine Climbs in the Canadian Rockies" and "Summits and Icefields- Canadian Rockies Alpine Ski Tours" (have added all these books to the book link on this page). So pick your poison, Castle can be challenged any time of year. You can attach crampons and take on the rock routes in winter if you so chose. More Route InformationI have only done one Alpine Rock Route on Castle. There are three others, Bass Buttress Alpine II 5.6; Brewer Buttress Alpine II 5.6; Ultra-Brewers Alpine III 5.9. Would love to have someone add these routes to this main page. Castle can also be scrambled by continuing up through Tower and Rockbound Lakes. I have been up this way doing three other scrambles in the area. The plateau above Rockbound Lake is magnificent and Castle is rated an easy scramble. This would be an excellent day for the avid hiker. Because of the wide trail ascending to Tower Lake, this makes a great back country ski adventure as well. Again, if you have information to this route, add it please. It is 28k round trip. Part of this ski is considered avalanche prone. I added the Canadian Avalanche Association to the link page.Detailed route beta and photos can be found at DowClimbing.Com

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